"Victorious Voices" #8  August 6, 2000
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"Weekly Chatter with CWOW" - From the leaders

Hello dear Christian sisters!!!  Sorry the newsletter wasn't sent out on Friday but I had a busy weekend and didn't get it out.  Hope you enjoy it even though it's late *S* 

Nancze is getting really discouraged because the participation has been minimal so ladies, PLEASE start sending in messages for the newsletter.  :o(

Love y'all!!!




Prayers to those members who are in need.. God knows who you are and I keep you all in prayer before him. The letter is very short this week.  CWOW has so many members but it seems no one has anything they want to share through the letter that is yours. I thought it would be a good way that we could communicate with one another and share ourselves some. I wish to thank all of those who have sent in contributions, I know I enjoyed them very much. I ask each of you to look into your heart and pray for this newsletter and what God's will is for it to be in our lives. I am wide open to suggestions and comments good or bad. Please keep that in mind and I hope to be hearing from some of you in the near future.

May God Bless



Apple of Gold (Great Christian Sites)

The Christian News Daily - http://csla.com/members/cnd/

A great site to catch up on Christian news in the world with alot more to offer. *S*

Christian News at Worthy News - http://worthynews.com

Daily News updates from around the world with a Christian perspective

Nadya's Under Water Adventure - http://www.angelfire.com/on/nadya

Wow a fun site that is a game and underwater adventure to find the
great pearl!! I even had fun with this one. *S*


A TOUCH OF HEART - From Your Sisters in Christ

From: Elizabeth Tolson P.S.A.L.M.

Email: skitol@btinternet.com

Hi everyone!

We hope that the summer is passing pleasantly for you!  The latest addition to the site is a "Bravenet" greetings card page. You will find a collection of photographs of roses and other flowers - all taken in our garden this summer - and each with a Bible verse. They are not so much cards for celebrations as for Christians to send to friends at any time and for any reason. We have tried to find the messages in the flowers themselves. Please note, to see a larger image of each card just click on the thumbnail!


There are also some interesting new features and poems/prose pieces linked from the "What's New" page - which is where the Cards are linked at present. The other links will be added as time and the garden allow!


Visit again soon!



<>< Elizabeth <><

P.S.A.L.M. .........................<*}}}><


http://www.acts2.com/psalm/index.htm <*}}RealAudio}}><

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord"

Ps. 150v 6.


From: Dawn

Email: Saaaved@aol.com

IF you can't say amen, say ouch! Whew...talk about the hot seat!!! This one will make you stop and shudder!
If the devil were to write his beatitudes, they would probably go something like this:  
Blessed are those who are too tired, too busy, too distracted to spend an hour once a week with their fellow
Christians -- they are my best workers. Blessed are those Christians who wait to be asked and expect to be thanked -- I can use them. Blessed are the touchy who stop going to church -- they are my missionaries.
Blessed are the trouble makers -- they shall be called my children. Blessed are the complainers -- I'm all ears to them. Blessed are those who are bored with the minister's mannerisms and mistakes -- for they get nothing out of his sermons. Blessed is the church member who expects to be invited to his own church -- for he is a part of the problem instead of the solution. Blessed are those who gossip --for they shall cause strife and divisions that please me. Blessed are those who are easily offended -- for they will soon get angry and quit. Blessed are those who do not give their offering to carry on God's work -- for they are my helpers. Blessed is he who professes to love God but hates his brother and sister -- for he shall be with me forever. Blessed are you who, when you read this think it is about other people and not yourself -- I've got you too!


From: Nancze

Email: jdwalker@telepath.com

Thought I would put a submission in.. I would like to introduce myself a little more. I am a licensed nurse who works in a Nursing Home in Oklahoma.. I have been a caregiver for 22 years now and I truly still love caring for the elderly now as much as I did when I first began. I am beginning to be able though to more empathize with them than just sympathize. *S* I am 52 have two wonderful children who are almost grown, 21 and 18, lol. Getting on with their lives and I miss them terrible. I ask for your prayers dear sisters and I am experiencing the
empty nest syndrome pretty bad. They are wonderful children. God's now and I am so glad that he has kepted them from the harms of the world so far and pray he continues to do so. I invite you all by my web site.. I have a personal section where you can learn more about me and my family. If you do come and visit I hope you'll email me or sign the guestbook so I know you stopped by.

God Bless you all!!!




Well Dear Sisters.. Have a good week.. Thanks to those who were kind enough to send a get better prayer and card.. I appreciated it so much. One of our members Pia had a Birthday this week.. If you have time send her a big Hello and A Happy Birthday Her email is piacruz@messianicart.com

Love and Blessing till next week.



Nancze - jdwalker@telepath.com

Please send text only submissions, the stationery is beautiful but we can't print it here *S* Also, when possible, upload long poems to a web site and send in the URL.

If we missed any submissions, please let us know and we'll get them in the next edition!!

God Bless You ALL!!!!!!!!!

Love and HUGS,

Nancze (jdwalker@telepath.com
Glennette (glennette@cwowfoundation.org)


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May we walk with Christ each and every day!


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