"Victorious Voices" #20, March 4, 2001
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March 4, 2001



I am going to send a message via webring.org sometime soon to be sure everyone has transferred their URL to our membership database.  If you receive a message, it may just mean that you have added your site to the member database but you have not deleted your site from the webring.  Please don't be alarmed :o)

Be sure to read the member submissions!  We have some talented ladies among us but we already knew that didn't we! *S*

I hope you all have a good and glorious week!

God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!!

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A TOUCH OF HEART - From Your Sisters in Christ

Darlene Osborne (dosborne7@yahoo.com)

The Faith Walk/Mountain Moving Faith


Many of us have toiled long and hard to climb over things when the Bible actually tells us to move things out of our way. We do this by using mountain-moving faith. And how do we receive faith to move mountains? Click link to read more!


Julie Cantwell (NrthnJewl@aol.com)

My Walk with the Lord


Hello Everyone!
I pray that the Lord has touched, and blessed everyone's lives
this past week!!  PRAISE JESUS, he has mine!!!!!  I just wanted to
write and update you on the prayer request that I submitted in the
Feb 18th newsletter, concerning friends and alcohol!!!  Praise the Lord,
and thank you so much for the prayers, and keep them up.  The Lord is working a mighty miracle on these people.  I am happy to report, that
two of these friends have gone for over two weeks without alcohol.
One of them every time he gets ready to drink, he cant!!!!  So please
keep the prayers coming on this!  The Lord is really showing me how
much power prayer has!  Love you all, and pray that you have a
wonderful week.

God Bless
Your sister in Christ

Shenna Cherry (sweet2cherrylane@yahoo.com)

Hello Ladies,

The "Women of Scripture" Bible Study will no longer be located at the Inside the Web Message Board. They are doing away with their Message Boards as of March 5, 2001.

We will be making some decisions as to how to continue this ministry. In doing so we would appreciate your input.

Our choices are few ..... The message board has proven to be difficult
for many to follow. An email is not always read if the person has a lot of mail. Lastly there could be web pages built for each "Woman of the Bible". This would allow the material to be there at all times. This would be a great addition, although; we really need some communication about the women/scriptures in today's settings if this study is to aide in our growth spiritually. We can all surf the web and join groups that
do Bible Studies, but they do you no good unless you gain something from the studies. They have to be applicable as well as understood. We as Women have to identify and associate "all" things with our lives so that we are able to apply them to our lifestyles with meaning.

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Email, message board, chat room, or perhaps messengers(icq,yahoo,aol,netscape im, etc ... ) at a designated time.

In providing you with these options we must remember that in choosing one, we need to have participation. Email would be the only option that would not require a timely response.

These above options for communication would be in addition to the web page for each "Women Of Scripture" if this option is chosen.

Your input is important. We at CWOW want to provide you with a spiritual insight to what God's Word has for you. Please provide us with your ideas about the study material you would like to have access to and which way would be more convenient to receive it.

You will receive a survey to respond to in the next few days. Please take the time to let us know what you think!

If you would like to respond personally to me, please email me at

In Christ Name ....
Living In The Word Chaiman
Shenna Cherry


Debbie West (kerdeb@nemontel.net)

The Master's Garden of Blessings

A poem that I have written entitled a "A New Song"  I hope that the ladies like it.  :)

"A New Song"

There's a new song in my heart today
A song of love for you.
In the valley the praises have reached my lips
As they never could do.

When the day is over and night has fallen
The shadows of darkness have descended
We feel there is nothing left to give
We are so sure that the song has ended.

Jesus takes shattered hearts giving them strength to sing
As we stand at the crossroads of life
The songs that we sing make the mountains ring
Help us carry all the burdens and strife.

A new song wells within my soul
As I walk this desert land
A new song that the mountains could not bring
The mercy in your hand.

The road is still long but so much smoother
The pause in the song is just a rest
The part that is left not sung and unfinished
Is the sweetest, the richest, and the best.

"The Lord is my Shepherd"
How precious is the Word!
"He'll lead us to greener pastures"
His promise we have heard!

"Besides the still waters"
He comforts and protects us from harm
What peace there is found
In Jesus's arms.

Written By:  Debbie West,   2001


Ruth Ann Martin (uniqueunicorn@earthlink.net)

Hope's Haven


Still Small Voice

In the dark and still of night
I awaken with thoughts a-swirl
All of my cares and woes
Come crashing in
Surrounding me in fear
Yet in the recesses of the dark
There is light dimly seen
A still small voice reminds me
I need not worry or shake with dread
I have only to seek the Father
In His ever present love
And His all encompassing compassion
He always knows exactly what I need
Turn to Me that voice is whispering
Leave it in My hands
I am here to sustain you
Seek My will and do not wander
Into the enemy's snare
Fear and doubt have no power
When in My light you abide
Trust Me and drop your burden
Into My ever capable hands.

By: Ann Martin
March 2, 2001


Joy (Prayer4U@aol.com)

Joy's Inspiration


Just wanted to check in with everyone and let you know that I am on the mend...slowly but on the mend. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Those who haven't visited my site please do and sign the guestbook so that I can come visit yours. Due to my limited time at the computer because of my injuries I am not able to read everyone's submissions so I miss out on a lot of urls. Please e-mail me if you choose. I have a few pages of awards to give out so if you know of someone who is deserving of them just let me know. God bless you all and I will keep you updated. Love you all!


Michelle Collins (Michelle@Christians4Christ.com)

Military Wives 4 Christ


Hi Everyone, just wanted to invite you to my site for military wives/fiances/girlfriends/moms.



Dawn (Saaaved@aol.com)

Dawn sent in some Christian Jokes for you all so I've uploaded them to a special page due to the length and thinking visitors to the site could possibly use a laugh too.  :o)


Hope you enjoyed this edition of Victorious Voices!!!

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Love y'all!!!


May we walk with Christ each and every day!


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