"Victorious Voices" #19, February 19, 2001
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February 19, 2001



Hello ladies!!!  I trust that you had a great week and just wanted to say that I love you all and think of you often!  I hope that you are all surfing the CWOWMembers category because we have some wonderful members with beautiful websites!!! It does my heart great joy to see all the messages on the bulletin board!  Please forgive me for not responding to each message but you ladies are keeping that board hopping!  I get a message every time someone posts including the message posted so please know that do read every message and pray for those requesting prayer.  I hope you all have a great week!

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A TOUCH OF HEART - From Your Sisters in Christ

Patricia C. Lawrence (patcelaw@nmfiber.com)

Pat Lawrence Computer Art

This is a website I made of artwork I did on my computer.  It amazes me how much can be done on the computer and I am sure I have only scratched the surface of what can be done.
Betsy Stevens (dstevensb@aol.com)

Our Pastor at Marshall Drive Baptist Church is a wonderful teaching Pastor.  He has come down with something that is causing him great pain and numbness from his feet to his waist.  So far MRIs on his spine and brain have shown all is normal.  We PRAISE THE LORD for this! 

He is scheduled to see a Neurologist the 22nd.  I ask that you to pray with us for his healing.   

Thanks for your time and prayer spent for Pastor Tim.

Blessings to you,
Tanya Penney (tan-penn@webtv.net)

African-American Heritage
The following information comes from a friend of the family whose african american friend works in the post office. I would feel very pleased if you my friends and family would step up to the plate and do something about this. Being that I am african american (black) I am gonna buy alot of stamps. But my Husband who is irish american is gonna buy some too.  So please consider that if elvis can have an on going stamp why is it not okay for there to be ongoing african american stamps.
Tanya Penney.
Wake up...
Discontinuing and DESTROYING Black Stamps I was in the post office this morning and requested the African American stamp. The postal worker informed me that they will DESTROY all remaining African American Heritage stamps at the end of the month instead of following their usual process of selling them until they are depleted. She also said that they were asking patrons to complain to the Post Master and gave me a complaint form. Needless to say, I've already completed the form. The post office is considering discontinuing Black Heritage Stamp because they aren't selling. Instead of taking the path of least resistance and accepting the love, flag, rose or teddy bear stamps that they offer you automatically, request African-American stamps each and every time you mail something. If we don't buy them, nobody will. Perhaps you think it's not a major issue. However, it is a part of the ongoing effort to assert ourselves as a major economic force in this society. And the stamps tell a little piece of our story. PASS THE MESSAGE ON AND LET'S KEEP BLACK STAMPS IN CIRCULATION.


Hope you enjoyed this edition of Victorious Voices!!!

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Love y'all!!!


May we walk with Christ each and every day!


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