"Victorious Voices" #16, February 4, 2001
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February 4, 2001



CWOWMembers Database
I know y'all are tired of hearing this but if you have not added your site yet, please go and do so to be sure we don't lose any member.  Just go to http://www.cwowfoundation.org/links and submit your site to the new CWOW member link database.

Please also search to find sites belonging to friends because I am having a lot of emails returned to me when I email from the Yahoo webring.  What that means is a LOT of members did not keep their email address up-to-date so they have no clue what is going on!

Be sure to visit the sites of your fellow CWOW members by going to http://www.cwowfoundation.org/links/CWOWMembers and rate their site using our new Links program while you are there!  After you visit a site, click BACK to return to the member listing and you can rate the sites from the listing.

I have already updated the site and started processing applications by having the prospective member submit their link.  I've added some new members and want to be sure you know that you can welcome new members by clicking on "What's New" at the top of the pages in the Links program to see who has been added recently.  Welcome Wagon members will need to visit the What's New page weekly to find out who has been added.  :o)

Did you receive an email saying your site was deleted from the ring? Go to Victorious Voices #15 to read my comments on this issue.

CWOW TALKS Bulletin Board
I was made aware of a little problem with the bulletin board.  Apparently in Netscape, the background did not show up right.  I have corrected the problem now and apologize for not checking netscape to make sure it looked OK.  :o) 
Come and join us on the board!!!

CWOWFriends Mailing List
If you're interested in being on CWOW's general discussion group, you can subscribe by sending an email to the following email address, cwowfriends-subscribe@associate.com. Let's all praise the Lord together and get to know each other even better!!!

There are lots of great devotionals at


A TOUCH OF HEART - From Your Sisters in Christ

Becky - mongy2001@hotmail.com

I am looking for a professional Christian counselor in Miami, FL. I am having a tough time dealing with depression and I would like someone that loves the Lord.

Thank You


Cheryl J Wade - Cjlady13@cs.com

A Prisoner of Hope in Our Lord

Dear Ladies,
            Have you ever gone through a period in your life where it takes all your time and energy JUST to get through life?  That's where I've been for the past few months ..... just "getting through" each day, each death, each new pain, each disappointment. I absolutely HATE winter in the Midwest ....... the cold, ice, snow, and isolation from others is unending (it seems). 
            Back in August, I was told that I would be losing my sight due to cataracts (side effect of one of my meds ... I am disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis.)  So a few days a week, I'm unable to read anything, including the monitor.  Doc put me on a new med that made me nauseated 24 hours a day for a few weeks, but that stage seems to have passed.  And just last week, Doc noticed that my left wrist is slipping out of it's socket, and the only fix for that is to fuse the wrist joint :-(  But before he does that, he's asked me to enter a research study group for a new drug that is having quite a success rate.  I would ask for each of your prayers during this 5 month time period from March through July.  After the study, I won't be able to continue with the drug due to the $12,000/year cost.  However, some patients have long-term benefits of the effectiveness up to a full year.  Wouldn't that be WONDERFUL???
            In the meantime, maybe in a month or so, I'll feel well enough to add more to:  A Prisoner of Hope in Our Lord.  The latest additions to the site were made in Dec..." Wait! "  and  "Prodigals And Those Who Love Them." Please come visit me there, take a moment to sign my Guestbook, and above all - Be Blessed!

Love in Him, CJ


Alain Lange webmaster@hispowerportal.com

Prayer Page at Hispowerportal.com

Question/Comment: I was wanting to request that you share
our page with your intercessors.


Hope you enjoyed this edition of Victorious Voices!!!

PLEASE click HERE to submit material for next week's newsletter!

Love y'all!!!

May we walk with Christ each and every day!


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