"Victorious Voices" #15, January 28, 2001
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January 28, 2001



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Please go to http://www.cwowfoundation.org/links and submit your site to the new CWOW member link database if you have not already done so or received notification that your site has been added for you.  We now have 160 sites in the CWOWMembers category but we are only about halfway through unless a lot of the sites in the ring no longer exist.  If you receive an email saying your site has been deleted from the ring, DO NOT WORRY unless you have not received an email stating your link has been added to the new database.  If you are in doubt, go to the link above and search for your site.  If you received a deletion message but can not find your site, let me know.  I have been very diligent in making sure I don't delete anyone whose link isn't there already but it's possible that I made a mistake.  We will be deleting the ring once we feel everyone has added their site that wishes to remain a member so please ensure that your site gets added.  Goal for deleting the ring - 2/15/01

Categories for CWOW's database
Email your category suggestions to me at glennette@cwowfoundation.org and let me know what categories you would like to see there.

CWOW TALKS Bulletin Board
I have added a really great script called MasterBoard and some of the ladies have already begun to post!!!
Come and join us!!!

CWOWFriends Mailing List
The list that I added for members to interact more only has acquired a few more members.  We are currently discussing what God has done for us and what we have done for Him lately.  If you're interested in subscribing, send an email to cwowfriends-subscribe@associate.com so we can all get to know each other even better!!!


None this time  :o)

A TOUCH OF HEART - From Your Sisters in Christ

Hi, my name is Judy, I have been a member for about 2 years through my site MommySpice and later through Judy's Place on the Web.  I actually have a bunch of sites.  I recently started another after checking out a few secular clubs, and was left rather disappointed, I have never been disappointed by this group of ladies :-D!! 

My new site is Joyful Women on The Web, and it is a loosely organized club (the site is still under construction, but you can check it out!), for those of us that are constantly finding joy in our lives, thanks to the grace given by God Almighty, even if our dishwasher explodes!

Tentatively this site will include:
*Member List (though I really don't want it viewed as a club), including testimonies, websites, and email addresses
*A bible study, always pertaining to joy, why we should be joyful, how to find joy, etc...
*Personal stories and testimonies from our members
*Links to other "Joyful" websites

This is not to be perceived as any kind of replacement for CWOW!

I would like anyone with graphic design capabilities to help me design a graphic for my site.

All are welcome to join.  Thank you, Your Sister in Christ, JUDY

Judy - newt5575@ix.netcom.com

Just in case anyone has any doubt about prayer, read this, it happened to me

My hubby is in the service, so we move alot, in the past few years my
neighbors have been just awful people, loud, inconsiderate, violent people.
Well, we recently just bought a house and I meant to introduce myself when we
first moved in, but my daughter was hospitalized for a week or so, then the
holidays, then, well...I don't know, I'm shy and self conscious.

We're having our trees taken down, so there's a lot of noise and a lot of
activity.  Today I went up to one neighbor and knocked on the door.  I
wanted to see if I could park my car in her driveway, because they are
starting to remove the logs and my truck was in the way.  Well, I put on a
happy face, and was as polite as could be.  She was very curt, and said no,
she was expecting company (understand, that was enough for me.)  I said
thanks anyway, have a nice afternoon.  As I turned and walked away, she
said, you are all in my way as it is.  I was floored, I wanted to cry!

So, I went home and watched tv with my youngest son, but I felt worse and
worse, so I decided just to check my email,  Well, I had to log on through
my bible.com browser. I decided to put my awful feeling on God, so I prayed
while waiting for everything to load.   I said "God, I know not everyone is as
kind and as patient as you, but please let me overcome my neighbor's
attitude towards me."  I basically made the choice to rejoice, and felt
better at once.

But then John 14:27 was the first thing I saw as it was all loading.

I just want you to know if this had happened three months ago, I would have
been lost and wallowing in despair.  I am still a baby Christian, but I urge
you to put your woes on God.

I felt chills and very humble.  Praise God for giving me peace in my heart.
God bless you and yours, JUDY

PS I have decided when this mess is done I will bake cookies and thank my
neighbors for their patience and understanding.

Judy - newt5575@ix.netcom.com


MyURL: http://www.geocities.com/patcelaw/closer.html

Glennette the above is the URL to my latest webpage.  I now have made about 85 webpages and enjoy sharing them with CWOW.

Patricia C Lawrence - patcelaw@nmfiber.com

A friend sent me this and I thought it fit the spirit of CWOW.  Actual site
address is http://www.hahasofunny.com/circle.htm

It's really pretty, not funny, that's just their name for some reason.
Talk to you later.

MamaBlueJ - MamaBlueJ@aol.com


Thought I would share a poem I wrote.  Hope you all enjoy.  God bless and have a wonderful month.


It is only a short time before our Savior will come,
may he find us awake and looking for him

May he find us in fellowship; and praying for a friend

May he find us studying his precious words of truth and may his love be filling our heart for all who have hurt us and left us to grieve, not knowing the pain it would cause us to receive.

May the love of His family be all that we need, because others will fail us and others will leave.  God's family will stay no matter what because he has made us of one accord. 

Yes, he is coming, he's coming again; may we be awake and looking for him. 

Copyright: April 20, 2000
By: Barbara J. Peterson

Matt 24:44

Barbara Peterson - weeight@earthlink.net


Hope you enjoyed this edition of Victorious Voices!!!

PLEASE click HERE to submit material for next week's newsletter!

Love y'all!!!

May we walk with Christ each and every day!


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