"Victorious Voices" #12 December 30, 2000
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December 30, 2000



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The newsletter is called Victorious Voices for a reason.  Without any "voices", they can't be victorious, now can they?  :o)

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I am the Publisher and Editor of The Christian Online Magazine. 
I am inviting my fellow CWOW members to come by and visit
me and the staff.

Darlene - conquerors7@yahoo.com



Submitted by Debbie West - kerdeb@nemontel.net


A TOUCH OF HEART - From Your Sisters in Christ

Christmas was wonderful; got to see old friends and family.
Have a prayer request though. I just found out my Aunt Mary, who's in her 70's, went to have a mammogram on Dec. 18th. They found a spot and did another test. Sure enough there was a spot. They did a biopsy and it was cancer! They did a radical mastectomy and took everything. She came home yesterday in very good spirits.

Please pray that they got everything. The doctors are not scheduling chemo or anything for her at this time as they believe they got it all!!!

Lisa - snowfyr401@icqmail.com

My mom died suddenly on 12/8/2000, please pray for me to help me get on with my life.. I can't seem to do that right now..


Sharon Schatz - ladybud25@yahoo.com

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and to tell you I look forward to meeting this wonderful group of women. You can find out a lot about me through my website and I hope to get to know all of you and have the chance to visit your sites. Be blessed in Him. 

Love, Pat


I hope you will come visit my site :o)

Bev - auntb@defnet.com


I've been busy redesigning many of my pages and would like to invite you to stop by!  My poetry pages URL is http://debspoetrypages.homestead.com/index.html  

I'd also like to invite you to visit my sister's site, Laloba's Den.  Her URL is http://lalobasden.homestead.com/index.html  I hope you are enjoying your holidays!


Debra Jean Hall


Hello Ladies,
My prayer request is for my uncle Gary, who has just gotten over open-heart surgery, & double-pneumonia since his surgery the last of Nov. he cannot talk they had to put a feeding tube in him, & they put in wrong the first time, so they had to do it again.
Also my dad passed away on Nov.16, he had a heart attack that morning before that could let us know anything he was gone to be with the Lord. So I'm doing okay, please pray for our family as we go though this test. We keep you updated on my uncle progress, as I found out okay.

Kathy - kathyo@bbnp.com


Hello I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself to all the members at once. :)

I am a 47 yr old married woman to the same man for 23 yrs.  we have no children but 2 cats that act like the kids we never had.

Right now I am in recovery from different things from my childhood. GOD has been good to me and I am getting there.

I live in PA and it sure does snow a lot where I live.  So far we have had 85.4" so far this year and winter is just beginning.

I work at the welcome center at our church, sing in the choir (second soprano and alto), used to sing solos and also used to be in a ladies ensemble singing second soprano. I also work for the church library by typing all the cards for all the books, the jackets and so forth.

Not sure what else to say but 'Hello from snowy Erie PA" 


Love in Christ
Speedy aka MJ - speedy@surferie.net


Please visit my site, www.liftedhearts.com.

Jakie Francis Spinks - jas@liftedhearts.com
(Jakie is one of our newest members *S*)


Just wanted to introduce myself to other women who love the Lord.
Thank you.

Robbie King Brooks


How wonderful my first advent as an ordained minister was!  God has indeed Blessed me!! For each of you, Sisters in Christ, I pray for a blessed 2001 for you and all you hold dear to your hearts.  In His Service  Rev. Joyce

Rev. Joyce Hannaford


Thanks to all visitors to my new site.  If you have not viewed it I would appreciate your viewing soon.  My husband died in Viet Nam in 1969 but God choose to return him to us.  God bless and thanks for viewing at:

Barbara Peterson at weeight@earthlink.net
Spreading the good news and miracles of God.

Barbara Peterson - weeight@earthlink.net


My grandfather, who is 94, has Alzhiemers.  He refused to take baths, but on Christmas day he took a full bath and put on clean clothes from the skin out. What a blessed gift for him and all those around him!

Brenda - lookoutlady@coastalnet.com


Laura's Tibbies

Laura Berkhart


I have recently been accepted to join CWOW and am excited about being a new member.  I am 30 years and live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada along with my husband and our 2 dogs and 2 cats.  I work both from my home and outside of the home, but look forward to having children (other than the fur kind) soon and hope to be a stay-at-home mom.  I look forward to my daily/weekly e-mail from CWOW and getting to know my new sisters in Christ.

Ramona Maynard


Hi all I hope you all had a wonderful year. We had a very eventful year. In April we went on holidays and on the way home the car decided to die on us. We managed to have a friend come and pick us up, and a few days later my husband and friend went to collect the car. We managed to get the car fixed but it took 8 weeks to get it back. Which was hard as I had six children at home and they all needed to get somewhere, but we managed. In June we had  a house fire which destroyed most of the inside including the computer, Praise God we were all fine and we were back in our house by September, God has been great as my 7 year old daughter saw the fire and helped me get the 3 younger childern out. My husband was at the pictures with the oldest two. We lost all clothing, anything plastic, most of our things. It took a while until my daughter went into the house, we came everyday to see how the workers were going, and soon she came in and noticed how different the house will be. She helped me choose curtains/carpets. I praise God that none of them have had nightmares and have settled in the home. We bought 2 kittens as we lost our cat. God truly is wonderful as he is always there and sends the right people to us. I pray that you all have a wonder New Year as I know our year will be wonderful, as we have Christ in our hearts and home.

Kim Wardle


Dear Friends,  I ask you to review my site, and if you know any Hurt and Abused Women, I ask you to pass along my url.  I do one on one counseling, no charge.  There are many Christian Women having many hurtful problems, and I just want to reach them with what my heavenly father can do, and will do to change their lives.  


Much Love
Shirly - gracemin@grm.net


Hope you enjoyed this edition of Victorious Voices!

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Love y'all!!!

May we walk with Christ each and every day!


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