"Victorious Voices" #10 September 15, 2000
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WOOHOO!!!  CWOW is now an online GROUP rather than "just a webring".  If you
did not receive the e-mail regarding this, please contact me immediately and I will
forward it to you.  A listing of members has been added and will be maintained as
new members are approved.  It will no longer be necessary to create web pages
for those who do not already have a web site so it is my hope that this will speed
up the time it takes to get new members added.

Please keep your member listing up-to-date!  I will be creating some generic logos
that match our new look and you will be encouraged but not required to post
them on your web site.

To submit material for the newsletter, click HERE.

Visit our message board which is HERE and feel free to post messages and get to
know your fellow members better!!!!


None submitted this week.  If you know of some that we've not already covered,
please submit them so that all CWOW members can benefit from those great
Christian sites!

A TOUCH OF HEART - From Your Sisters in Christ

From: Christine
E-mail: chips@netspace.net.au

Dear Glennette

I am looking for a copy of a story about a lady working on a tapestry with her
child sitting at her feet. He comments about what a mess it looks on the back and
she makes some appropriate comment about what the finished picture comes out
like and it is all used as an analogy to our walk with the Lord.  Do you know of
this verse, and if so, could you please send a copy of it to me.  

Yours in Christ,
Christine Chipman
Tasmania, Australia

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others
better than yourselves."
 Philippians 2:3 NIV


UPDATE:  Member, Kathy, sent this story in!!!  It has been posted HERE for all to read and forward as you desire!!!


From: DaRonda McDuffie - Spreading the Good News (STGN)
E-mail: daronda@email.msn.com

Praise the Lord, this is just my second visit to the site...a much needed
venue...thanks for sharing.  Attached please find info regarding an upcoming
retreat my homebased, Christfocused business is offering.  Perhaps you have
a place where you can share the info.  If so, thanks and God bless.

(NOTE from Glennette - I couldn't include the attachment.  If interested, e-mail DaRonda.


From: Debbie West
E-mail: kerdeb@nemontel.net

I have made a dedication page for all the members and leaders as well.  I hope that everyone likes it.  :)  Just want to say thanks for the wonderful group that we have and how glad that I can be a part of it.

Thank you for having me!  :)
Debbie West


From: Pastor Diana Gray
E-mail: pastor-diana@dianagrayministries.net

How to help others communicate their thoughts and feelings
By  Diana Gray (c) Copyright 2000, All Rights Reserved

1) Listen quietly, as you attentively look at a person with interest and respect. Show them you really care about what they have to say

 2) Acknowledge their feelings by saying a small word here or there as they talk such as "I See......Yes........Wow.........Oh"

3) State back what you hear the other person saying such as:...."What I hear and understand you to have just said is: ......(Then repeat what you have heard them say.)

4) State back what they are feeling such as: "You must be feeling hurt?......or That  must make you feel upset!"

5)  Let them know that you care and are concerned with their thoughts and feelings such as: "My, that really was a hard thing to go through. Or You are such a nice person and I am sorry you got hurt."

6)  Above all strive to let the love of Jesus shine through your eyes with compassion, such as: "Well at least I care about your feelings and I know that you’re special.  Remember the Lord loves you and knows how this problem has made you feel.  You are not alone, Jesus truly cares! Need a hug?"

Note, if any of this touches your heart, please don’t hesitate to share your feelings and hurts with a loved one as soon as you can.  It helps heal our hurts when we share and care through the eyes of Jesus in  with all the love that we have.


Cherise "Angel" Carter-Smoot (csmoot@cherise.net)
on Friday, September 15, 2000 at 14:50:57
MySite: Cherise's Place
MyURL: http://cherise.net
SubmissionType: News for CWOW members

Hi, I have formed a group for Christian Parents to stay in touch and on alert with one another regarding the media and our children.  If you'd like to find out more, please read the CPAN (Christian Parents Action Network) Message board at http://cherise.community.everyone.net/commun_v3/scripts/directory.pl

You'll find the board listed under CPAN.

Thanks and God bless you all


That's it for this edition ladies!!!!  Hope you enjoyed it!!!  Click HERE to submit material for next week's newsletter!

Love y'all!!!

May we walk with Christ each and every day!


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