December 29, 2000

Devotional from Jan Ross


Today's Devotion
Friday, December 29, 2000
"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."  (John 14:27)

Today's Thought
Peace . . . Peace . . . Peace! In the 60's it had a totally different
meaning than it does today, but the word is heard just about as often! God promised "Peace" to His people . . . a God-kind of peace! This "Peace" does not exempt one from hardship, it only underscores God's ability to keep those who have entrusted their lives to Him!
Have you stopped lately and evaluted your "peace level"? Are you truly at
peace with God and His ability to care for you or are you to be found among the world's population attempting to buy peace at the gas pumps or the banks or the grocery stores? True peace comes from knowing God in an intimate way . . . having found a place of comfort and rest in Him, being assured of the truth found in His Word!
Regardless of what the future brings, be assured of this one thing . . .
God's Peace is Perfect Peace. Any other type of temporary, temporal peace is simply for a moment and will soon erode away into fear and anxiety! God's peace is not a mere token, it's the real thing . . . it is a lasting blessing that will never fade away! Don't let your heart be troubled
because of your past or because of things to come, and neither let it be
afraid of what tomorrow may bring for tomorrow will happen regardless of
your fears and worries. Use your energy to hold onto God's Peace and don't let go . . . it will sustain you and keep you through anything the future may bring.

Today's Prayer
Father, there are times I feel anxious about the unknown of tomorrow . . .
when I feel this way, Lord, please remind me that You have given Your Peace to me so I don't need to be troubled or afraid. Lord, I thank you for being my Peacemaker . . . bringing Peace in the midst of every storm I encounter! Help me to recognize the place of Peace more quickly, help me to put fear and doubt far from me, and help me to endure whatever may come knowing that Your Peace is now my Peace and I have nothing to fear! Father, I love You and adore You for all You've done to provide Your Peace to me . . . a gift that is priceless beyond measure! Amen!


Have a blessed day!

Devotional from Shenna Cherry




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