Your here because you wanted to know more about moi've seen my site is under "heavy construction" and you've hit the "links" - for whatever reason you've ended up here - please do enjoy!

God bless you and yours, Cindie

Now first let me make this real clear -

CWOW = Christian Women on the Web Foundation. Founded Jan. 99'

I have designed this paragraph for those that can't view java; The CWOW SITE can be found here. Personal Info can be found here. My daughter; Ashley can be read about here. Hubby's page isn't done yet.   The co-founder Angel that had to leave and is now a member can be read about here. I also have a "how to site" that isn't complete yet; but if you have 'no idea' on how to, or where to start making your own page; this gives you an idea of what to look for.  Don't forget the Questions & Answers section; this is really awesome. I have a small Bio as well as telling a bit about my Bi-polar (diagnosed as Manic Depressive borderline Bi-Polar. Also there is a Testimony and an Awards page (also I have several awards that for some strange reason it seems as though my computer likes them to stay inside this little brain (I can't seem to 'find' them anymore is what i'm saying)   ALSO:  if you have sent me an award and do not see it; please forgive me and do please resend. Oh... . And before you go; please sign one of my guestbooks. Ohhhhh before I forget - here are a few more of my sites that I wouldn't want you to miss. CWOW now has a Christmas Site - have a look-see. Presents from Nette - Shenna - Pat - Becky - Linda - Joy....Ohhh before you go; please sign my guestbook



You'll see the CWOW webring below and also the Prayer Warriors for God which is lead by Nette. An Awesome Prayer site.Then there is the  Roses of Sharon site - very special place here on this large WWW. Then I have joined a Christian Bi-polar site webring.   And last but not least I joined this wonderful group for Nette's daughter - Magan called SUPPORT ANIMAL RIGHTS! Also you'll see a link to ESTHER which I am also glad to be a part of. I will be updating this paragraph as my site develops more. I really have 'no time' for my personal site. I took a few minutes today though to give it a lil' face lift. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Oh and before you go look at this ladies page. Shenna; she writes the CWOW devotional for us. God bless ya sis.


God bless you and yours,


Co-founder of CWOW - Jan. 1999

I am the Co-Founder of CWOW - Come see what we have to offer. You will want to start at the MENU page to get a brief glimpse of what all we have on the site. If you'd like to learn more about moi; please just click here. If you would like to JOIN CWOW please fill out this form. If you don't have a webpage; do not worry; we provide you with one here at the CWOW Foundation Website. (now ain't that just too kewl?) All you need to have is a valid email address. Just look around and if you feel led to join; please submit your application.

Feel free to take the banner  for signing guestbooks. Please have it link back to You will find other lil' happies such as this here.

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A few lil' happies for the CWOW Members that join. Also; you may go to the CWOW Gifts section and find some there with the html already included for you to sign guestbooks with. :-) Please take a few minutes and go to Nette's site; she has been a Godsend to me and CWOW for she is co-webmaster of CWOW. Her work on CWOW has been OUTSTANDING. I urge you to go and see what she has to offer. She's gotten some outstanding work on her site that she's done. Check out her banner at the bottom of this page. (scroll down)

Below I've made some lil' happies for CWOW Members. Please feel free to take one for your page.

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First let me say that I am very proud to be the Co-founder of CWOW. God has called me in a way that will enlighten others as well as myself. If you are not a member, please have a look. You might find out that we are just what you need in your life right now. Just click the banner above and it will take you to our site.

God bless you and yours, Cindie

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