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To the Mom & Dad....look here!


Do I have a lil' cutie for you to see.

He's not mine; although I love him as such.

Wanna see him?


Come closer...




He's such a adorable baby

He's the sweetest baby

He's just too cute



ya ready?


Still wanna see him?


Are you sure?


ok ok ok


I'll stop....


Now remember; I told ya he was a cutie pie!!!


(Drum roll pleaseeeeeeeee!)




pauliejr1.jpg (6573 bytes)


Ahhhhhhhh Haaaaaaaaa you got to see him!

Look at those toothies. *smile*

I love you Lil' Paulie you bring such a smile to my face when I see yours. I miss you terribly.

Mama Cindie

The lil' Angel all dressed up for Christmas

paulie_99.jpg (12806 bytes)lil_Paulie.jpg (9095 bytes)



His likes:

ELMO!!!! this child loves ELMO!

I have more things I would like to tell you about this handsome lil' man. More to come. Bookmark this site now.

I received a Christmas Card with this precious lil' Angels picture. He was sitting on Santa's lap (crying) Look below:

Argh! scanner still messin' up - stay tuned.

Pop over to Mama Cindie's




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